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    Christian Couples Counseling in Minneapolis, MN

    Couples and marriage counseling available in Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Minnesota

    This is not the marriage or relationship you initially dreamed of. Maybe your spouse threw a curveball after you said the vow or life happened and the weeds started to choke out your relationship. Either way you made a commitment and now you are in a stuck place.

    Are you and your spouse in the same argument loop every week? Do you feel like you and your partner are drifting away? Do you desire more intimacy between you and your partner? I am here to help you with restoring life to your relationship and come up with the plan on how to proceed. Like a good romance story, you can find a way to make the relationship work after the disconnection.

    Common issues addressed with Christian couples counseling in Minneapolis include:This stunning image captures a beautiful wedding ceremony taking place in a grand and spacious church. The bride and groom are standing at the altar, surrounded by their loved ones, with a large stained-glass window in the background. The ornate architecture and decorative details of the church create a sense of grandeur and reverence, adding to the solemnity and significance of the occasion. This image represents the sanctity and sacredness of marriage, and the importance of Christian Couples Counseling in Minneapolis, MN, where couples can seek guidance and support in nurturing their relationship and building a strong foundation for their future together.

    • Balance (Work/Life/Family)
    • Parenting
    • Infidelity/Cheating
    • Intimacy
    • Division of Labor
    • Disconnection
    • Escalated Conflict
    • Sexual Well Being
    • Pre-Marital/Readiness
    • Pornography
    • Re-establishing Trust
    • Reconciliation
    • Substance Abuse
    • Spiritual Life as a Couple

    Marital research has shown that most couples wait an average of 6 years to seek help after they have identified a problem in their relationship. If you are tired of spinning the wheels, do your relationship a favor and please call me today. Available today we have the research and the habits that can lead to a healthy relationship. As a professional counselor, I give direct feedback to couples in what patterns and behaviors are leading them to be stuck. As desired, I can also draw from spiritual resources from the Christian faith as well for rebuilding connection and working through conflict.

    Can a relationship be healed or improved through Christian Couples Counseling in Minneapolis?

    Many couples bring their concerns over can their relationship be healed, a spouse not wanting to participate, does counseling work, is it worth the investment? I can tell you each session I will work with you on a specific plan on how you can influence things more effectively in your relationship. If your spouse/partner won’t hear your complaints, I will work directly with you both on your approach to each other. There is power in having a 3rd party intervening for you both, so you don’t feel like you have the heal the relationship alone. Each session is going to be a productive use of time in what needs to happen to move forward. There are specific habits you can put in place as a couple to help move your relationship forward.

    I have experience working with couples of all ages to help them navigate through their challenges and re-establish connection. I have completed Level 2 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy which is one of the most respected and researched forms of couple’s therapy. I am happy to provide the Gottman toolbox in sessions to you. I have also done some trainings from Terry Real and his Relational Life Therapy. I am a marriage-friendly Christian couples therapist and work with marriages to find concrete solutions as opposed to suggesting to divorce primarily. My sessions also respect your faith and will actively include your spirituality. I want you to trust your relationship is going to be in good hands.

    If any of the above relate to you, contact me today for a free consultation. I would love to speak about how I may be able to help reconnect and rekindle your love for one another. I am married myself and glad to help show couples how they can have a strong relationship.

    “This is my commandment: love one another as I love you.  No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:12-13

    FAQs About Christian Couples Counseling in Minneapolis, MN

    What does the Christian Couples Counseling process look like from start to finish?

    We first start by doing a relationship history assessment and go over what goals you have for your relationship. We’ll set some specific objectives you want to accomplish and come up with a plan together. Then we meet pretty consistently as we are working towards the goals, while I provide exercises, tools and resources for you as a couple to practice weekly.

    What can I expect to take away from Christian Couples Counseling in Minnesota?

    I am trained in a very active approach to couples therapy and Christian marriage counseling. The sessions are much more than just active listening skills. We go over key habits that lead to successful relationships, and go over plenty of tools to help navigate conflict much more effectively. You can expect to take away a large amount of resources to approach your relationships with confidence.

    What if my spouse absolutely refuses to participate in couples counseling?

    I am a believer it takes two people to form a healthy relationship. But you can always influence a relationship and the direction it heads in. I work with many people individually on how to get things moving forward in their relationship. This really does require working with a counselor for coming up with a plan to best proceed.